Communion - The Lord's supper is open to any who have received Christ as their Savior and who have examined their life for any unconfessed sin.  Each time we break bread together is an opportunity to turn from sin, focus on the cross of Christ's forgiveness and proclaim His second coming.  Children may partake if they have received Christ, and under parents' supervision know how to engage in self-examination and confession of sin.

Baptism - Being baptized is an act of obedience to Christ and symbolizes the believer's death, burial, and resurrection with Christ.  We practice believers baptism by total immersion.  Baptism does not save anyone, but it is a testimony to the world of already having been saved by Christ.

Dedication - While we do not practice infant baptism, we do encourage parents to bring their children to be dedicated to the Lord.  Dedication invokes God's blessing on the child as the parents publicly commit themselves to raise the child in accordance with the teachings of Scripture.


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